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Vuokraa sähköavusteiset tai lihaskäyttöiset fatbiket 

Responsible tourism received the international Green Activities environmental certificate 2021.


We are committed to Green Activities (ähet/ ) and Visit Finland's Sustainable Travel Finland programs (, as well as the responsible operation of Metsähallitus. With these, we consider our environmental responsibility and the values and practices of sustainability even better in our operations. Because environmental values are important in our company and we strive to act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we also demand environmental responsibility from our partners and guide our customers in this.

Our environmental policy is based on frugality and cost-effectiveness, as well as wide-ranging foresight regarding both orders and personnel policy. We reduce the burden on the environment by using only the necessary amount of materials and staff working hours.

A sufficient number of personnel/gig workers are trained in the company's environmental policy. Stakeholders are informed and instructed about practices, taking into account up-to-date environmental legislation.

The personnel is committed to complying with our environmental policy, and our services take the well-being and safety of the environment into account.


In its environmental policy, undertakes to comply with Finnish laws and regulations and regulations of the authorities.


Our goals that promote the well-being of the environment

Evaluating and eliminating potential environmental risks

Active involvement of staff, customers and stakeholders in promoting environmental well-being

Developing the environmental friendliness of traffic and we also advise customers on this

We try to keep our rental equipment in operation for as long as possible by maintaining and repairing it. When their rental age is reached, they are sold for further use to entities that are able to use them for as long as possible

In the terrain, we only use permitted paths and outdoor paths and strain the sensitive nature to a minimum

We do everything we can so that everyone can feel safe as our guest. The number of participants is measured in accordance with the valid authority regulations, and we guide our customers to use our services in stages

We hope that our guests arrive only healthy and that everyone takes care of safety intervals and hand hygiene

Our facility is equipped with hand sanitizer, and disinfectant is available for cleaning rental helmets and hand grips

We disinfect our premises and contact surfaces in an enhanced manner


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