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Vuokraa sähköavusteiset tai lihaskäyttöiset fatbiket 


You can complete the following exercise benefits directly on our online sales page.

Smartum: There can only be one product in the online shopping cart at a time for which you can use this benefit. If there are more than one, this feature will not work.

ePassi: There can only be one product in the online store shopping cart at a time for which you can use this benefit. If there are more than one, this feature will not work.

Other exercise vouchers Edenred: You send a screenshot of the exercise voucher transfer you made to our site to the e-mail address We will send you by return mail a discount code of the above amount, which you can use on our online sales pages. Make the transfer a couple of business days before your rental, so that we have time to react to it.


• You should put the pant legs inside the socks, for example, so that they don't catch on the front wheel.

• Dress according to the weather. Pay special attention to the fingers and toes.

• You should first practice driving in an easy place and test the brakes and gears.

• Remember to wear a helmet. The rental includes a helmet. However, we recommend using your own helmet. We recommend a tube scarf or similar under the helmet.

• When driving uphill, use the appropriate gear for the hill.

• Do not leave the bike unlocked anywhere. Always lock the bike to something solid.


  • Put on the helmet + adjust its strap to fit (a couple of fingers between the skin/strap)

  • Take a tool kit with you with the necessary quick repair tools in case of a broken wheel/flat tire. has no obligation to pick up the customer along the trail. One set/group

  • You can ask for a light to be placed on the handlebar of the bike (free of charge). By law, in dark/twilight, the bike must have a front and rear light

  • Take the lock with you if you leave the bike unattended even for a moment during your rental. Otherwise, you can leave the lock at the rental company. The responsibility during the rental period is yours.

  • Take a hint about the routes from the Trailmap links below


A fatbike is a bicycle with tires that are wider than usual.

It is perfectly suited for off-road riding in summer and winter, but it also works very well for normal road cycling. The tires of our bikes do not have studs.

Big tires make the driving feel soft and relaxing and also enable driving on soft sand or snowy paths, for example.

Suspension is mainly provided by the tires, so adjust their pressure to suit you.


Electric assisted bikes make driving much easier, as long as you remember that the battery capacity is limited.

Some of's fatbikes are equipped with a suspensed front fork and always high-quality gears and brakes, which make riding even more comfortable and safer.

Route tips:

Nuuksio Haltia

Here are links to summer use Trailmap maps by location. The GPX map works on your own smartphone without a separate app. Turn on location tracking from the arrow in the upper right corner of the map. is not responsible for the condition of the routes. 
  • Haltia/Solvalla 6,5km ”middle easy”

  • Haltia/Solvalla 9km ”difficult”

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